Special reports

Expert insights, premium print design, a national audience – Raconteur’s Special Reports, produced as part of our exclusive partnership with The Times and Sunday Times newspapers, offer aspirational brands an unmissable opportunity to reach the UK’s largest C-suite readership – and do so in style.

Special reports


Our heritage lies in the world of print and we maintain ties to help brands drive awareness and build credibility among The Times readership. This may be in the form of a printed ad or it may be a full-fledged article. If the latter, we’ll work with you to shape your thinking, partner you with a leading UK journalist, and take care of all design assets to ensure your article makes an impact in all the right ways.

And if what you’ve got to say won’t fit in a single article, why not partner with Raconteur to produce a fully sponsored, bespoke Special Report? As the sole sponsor, all eyes are on your brand and we’ll work with you to produce a number of articles and brand-aligned design treatments to help communicate your thinking effectively.

In an increasingly digital world, we believe that print still has a role to play in the plans of savvy marketers – you just need the right partner to deliver results. That’s where Raconteur comes in.

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