Panel discussion

Shape your industry with a thought-provoking virtual panel discussion between your spokesperson and key industry influencers hand-picked from the Raconteur network. Supported by an ongoing content campaign, our panel discussions elevate your brand voice to create exceptional awareness.

Panel discussion


Modern marketers have a full plate, delivering an ongoing pipeline of content, building brand awareness, and generating demand, but many lack the resources and capacity to achieve such goals. Panel discussions are ideal for marketers that need to deliver big results against brand building objectives, offering high-calibre and credible top-of-funnel thought leadership content informed by industry experts and leaders.

Raconteur’s Commercial Content Team is the ideal partner to take the heavy lifting off of your internal teams. Our Editors take on the responsibility for thinking up an engaging topic, sourcing guests, overseeing all logistics, and delivering the subsequent content campaign.

If you need to generate results, showcase your brand’s expertise and thinking, and want to get a better insight into key industry trends, all while building relationships with industry influencers and engaging your target audience with an ongoing content campaign, then why wait? Reach out to the team to find out more about our Panel Discussions now.

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