Our story

Raconteur was founded in 2008 on the conviction that business leaders value quality content that is expertly produced and beautifully designed. 15 years later, we remain convinced that professionals are searching for journalism that inspires new ways of doing business and new approaches to leadership.

Our story

Our Story

Our audience chooses Raconteur because our content stands out from the competition. We are committed to providing quality journalism that uses eye-catching design and striking data visualisation. That’s why we obsess over illustrations, interrogate data for the hidden stories and give a voice to business-leading opinion-formers.

Our clients choose Raconteur for the same reasons. By partnering with Raconteur, brands align themselves with those values. At the same time, we know our clients need to do more than look good and read well; they need to reach the right people and at the right time; they need to gain value from the relationship and prove ROI. 

Partnering with Raconteur is exactly that, a partnership. Our consultative, solutions-led approach means no one client has the same experience. Our clients are extraordinary businesses with unique challenges, who require unique solutions and extraordinary results.