The C-Suite Agenda

Focusing on the boardroom’s most pressing priorities, The C-Suite Agenda is Raconteur’s flagship report, produced as part of our exclusive partnership with The Times. It combines the best of our analysis and insight with thought leadership from leading voices, produced for the UK’s largest C-suite print readership.

The C-Suite Agenda


We all know decision-making in business has become harder. No longer can senior executives be content with being experts in their fields, they must have an understanding of every aspect of a business in order to help it grow and thrive. This is why Raconteur has launched The C-Suite Agenda.

Published once a month, The C-Suite Agenda is the opportunity to influence boardroom discussion. Think your service line needs more attention? Then make the case for it in The C-Suite Agenda.

Serving business leaders differently, The C-Suite Agenda does not focus on individual functions but on the issues that matter across a company from leadership and financial stability, to strategy planning and risk management. For businesses that want to reach that audience, this is an ideal place to provide thought leadership and position your brand as a key ally to the C-suite.

A sister title to Raconteur’s traditional industry-led Special Reports, expect the same expert insights, premium print design and national audience that comes with working with Raconteur in The Times. Our heritage lies in the world of print and we maintain ties to help brands drive awareness and build credibility.

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