Listen: Why marketers need to understand the complexity of modern decision-making

Had fun speaking with my old pal Benedict Buckland from alan. agency about the increasingly complex world of business decision-making, and what it means for business leaders and the B2B brands/marketers trying to reach them.

In this episode of B2B Marketing: The Provocative Truth, Will joins Benedict Buckland of alan. agency to discuss what marketers need to know about how their potential clients make decisions.

Marketers often focus on singular audiences: the very people who would benefit from what they’re selling. However, it seems as though they are quite naive in their understanding of how their prospective clients’ decisions are made. In B2B especially, it’s not as simple as targeting a specific individual; the buying process involves stakeholders, other business leaders, and so on. With the buyer journey being so much more complex, marketers need to really consider how other businesses make their decisions in order to market to them more effectively.