We’re a B Corp!

Raconteur has been certified as a B Corporation, meaning we are putting purpose alongside profit as we work towards a more sustainable future

Rac B Corp

At Raconteur we believe that business should be about more than just profit. Yes, it’s important for companies to grow and make money, but we don’t think this should come at the expense of workers, the environment or wider society. And we know our readers are just as passionate about this need for progressive and forward-thinking businesses that are focused on people, planet and profit. 

That’s why today we’re announcing some exciting news for Raconteur. We are now a B Corporation, one of just 1,400 companies certified in the UK, 300 of a similar size to us (50-250 employees) and just three media organisations, including The Guardian.

To achieve B Corp status, Raconteur had to meet rigorous social, governance and environmental standards. The certification involves external assessment across criteria including governance and transparency; community, environmental and customer impact; and worker standards. To become a B Corp, companies must reach a minimum score across all these criteria and embed a commitment to purpose beyond profit across their organisation.

Together, we can build a more sustainable future through stories that connect modern business

As a B Corp, we are demonstrating our dedication to doing more than just talking about purposeful business; we are acting to improve in areas from working practices to environmental governance and how we work with partners. And as one of the few businesses to achieve this accreditation in the media industry, we are hopefully showcasing a more sustainable future for the sector.

This focus on our own business will be matched with a pledge to address these issues in our journalism. We will cover in even more depth how businesses can take action to limit climate change and achieve net-zero emissions, prioritise worker standards, and consider their impact across the communities and societies they serve.

We now have dedicated reports and editors covering the intersection of energy, sustainability and responsible business, as well as the future of work and leadership. We will be working to shine a spotlight on those leading the way, as well as offering practical advice and guidance to companies looking to new ways of doing business.

If you have a story you’d like us to tell or a challenge you would like our help addressing, please get in touch. Together, we can build a more sustainable future through stories that connect modern business.