The perfect blend of content and live experiences to achieve client results


The challenge

Vonage wanted to position itself as a trusted partner in the customer communications technology space, while raising brand awareness and expanding knowledge and understanding of its key products. To do that, it wanted to engage with business leaders across a variety of sectors and business sizes to showcase the breadth of its offering.

A key challenge was that the company had grown via acquisitions, meaning that its new and more modern technology was not as well known as its older products. That was resulting in it losing out to its main UK competitors.

The insight

Vonage had two clear challenges that we could address. First, to position it as a trusted partner among a broad audience it needed to produce content that it could get in front of and would resonate with a wide range of business leaders. This needed to focus on the company’s challenges and opportunities, while busting myths and misconceptions about its business.

Second, it needed to raise the profile of the brand more specifically among a narrow target audience by speaking about its expertise and positioning Vonage as a thought leader.

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The proposition

To redefine Vonage's purpose in customer communications technology through online content and roundtable events targeted at its key business audiences.

What we did

We produced an Insights Report that examined customer experience, digital engagement and the evolution of the digital customer journey. Alongside this content, we engaged with 10 senior business leaders - at the C-suite and director levels - from companies including British Airways and Tui Travel who attended an in-person event.

The Insights Report was shared with the executive meeting guests ahead of the event to showcase Vonage’s expertise via content. At the event, we provided printed versions of the report, provided guests with food and drink, and hosted a one-hour discussion on the evolving digital customer experience, allowing guests to share their insights and hear from Vonage.

The discussion was followed by a fireside chat between the group chief customer officer from Zurich Insurance and a Raconteur editor to delve into the specific opportunities and challenges the group faced during the pandemic.

Following the event, we published a content hub on Raconteur.net where we hosted multiple articles that we wrote following the event that Vonage could use in future marketing.

Across our partnership, for this Executive Meeting Roundtable we were able to attract senior industry prospects directly from Vonage’s target account list including the Director of Digital at British Airways, the Head of Customer and Commercial Experience at Bupa Global and the Group Chief Customer Officer at Zurich to name a few. Following their participation, one-to-one meetings were then facilitated between each guest and a Vonage representative to further continue the conversation.

By positioning Vonage as a thought leader and problem solver, Raconteur has enabled Vonage to create strong connections with key stakeholders in leading businesses. Raconteur have achieved this through the perfect mix of quality content combined with the ability to deliver on laser-focused commercial objectives. I look forward to working with them in the future.
Matt Finn, Marketing Lead, Vonage