Future-proofing HR with SD Worx

The challenge

SD Worx, a leading provider of integrated HR solutions, approached Raconteur with a clear brief: raise awareness of their brand in Europe and help improve both the quality, and quantity, of their targeted leads.

Whilst SD Worx are truly a global brand, operating in 150+ countries worldwide and with over 90,000 customers, market penetration in four key European markets (UK, France, Germany and Spain) was not at the level the company wanted it to be. From a demand generation standpoint, lead volume was a cause for concern, as was understanding of lead intent. At the same time, it was felt that in those European markets specifically, brand awareness amongst their target audience could be improved.

What we did

As with all demand generation partnerships, the first step was to gain a true understanding of SD Worx’s product offering and their ideal prospect criteria. Once this was established, Raconteur worked with SD Worx to develop a package of content that would both establish SD Worx as an authority in the HR solutions landscape, but also would appeal to ideal prospects at different stages of the buying cycle.

As SD Worx’s product offering covers a wide range of HR solutions, it was decided that the content package would take an overarching look at the wide range of challenges facing HR professionals today. As a result, a top-level ‘HR & Talent’ state-of-the-nation style report was commissioned, with the individual articles within the report drilling down into the specific challenges facing HR professionals including payroll, internal mobility and employer branding.

Whilst this report would focus on top of funnel leads, it was important that SD Worx better understood those leads’ intent. A series of qualification questions was therefore drawn up to be deployed during the data capture process. This ensured that SD Worx were able to nurture and educate different leads with different content streams, ensuring that engagement was kept high and leads were effectively moved through the funnel, ultimately resulting in a dramatic increase in pipeline conversion.

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The feedback

How did you find the experience of working with Raconteur?

My experience working with Raconteur was fantastic. Flo and the team were extremely helpful and really listened to the challenges I was facing. Communication was excellent and they were very flexible when I had last-minute changes to our lead gen project.

Why did you choose Raconteur over the competition?

Raconteur is a well-established and trustworthy name in our industry. They offered a quality guarantee on data, and they kept true to that guarantee.

What, if anything, does Raconteur do differently from other media brands you’ve worked with?

Quick and friendly communication – felt more like a partnership than a provider/buyer relationship. They also do all the heavy lifting to get the content created, which is invaluable to save time.

What were you trying to achieve from working with Raconteur and did you achieve it?

Targeted lead generation for our core markets. Very happy to say we achieved it – £306k ACV generated.

Would you work with Raconteur again?

Absolutely. Great to collaborate with and delivered impressive results!

Emily Baker, Senior Marketing Manager, SD Worx

My experience working with Raconteur was fantastic. Quick and friendly communication – felt more like a partnership than a provider/buyer relationship

Emily Baker – Senior Marketing Manager

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