Overcoming the talent shortage in renewable energy with AMS


AMS needed to drive leads and opportunities for their solutions within the renewable energy market in The Nordics region. Raconteur created a multi-touch campaign that provided AMS facetime with senior executives, positioning them as a thought leader in the industry and yielding long-term commercial opportunities with their target accounts.

The challenge

The biggest challenge for AMS was generating high-quality, senior-level leads within their target geographies. To overcome this challenge two objectives needed supporting; firstly – driving Senior level connections amongst their target accounts, and secondly – driving MQL’s amongst their target verticals for AMS to nurture and extract valuable insights from.

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The insight

By leveraging its audience of senior decision-makers and experience as a leading publisher of B2B multimedia content, Raconteur created a multi-touchpoint campaign that served two purposes. Giving AMS access to senior executives from target accounts via a Roundtable, and generated MQL’s from AMS target accounts via a long-form Insights Report. 

By aligning with Raconteur, AMS were able to attract prospects to the roundtable, and were positioned as a thought leader on a specific industry challenge that they were well-placed to solve.

What we did

For the Roundtable Raconteur invited guests such as CHRO’s and Global Heads of Resourcing from global renewable energy companies, in order to discuss the skills shortage within the renewables sector, and the steps we need to take collectively to solve this industry-wide challenge. 

Raconteur also created an Insights Report which took an editorially-led deep-dive into the skills-shortage, supported by a data-narrative to add gravitas to the report.

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As a result of the campaign, AMS were able to deliver on two objectives. Objective one was to create connections and commercial relationships with Senior Executives from their target accounts, and objective two was to drive MQL’s within their target verticals. The insights report was received so well by internal stakeholders, that it has formed a key part of their own lead-generation campaigns.

Commercially, AMS now has long-term opportunities with 2 companies that attended the roundtable, valuable client and industry insights extracted from the roundtable and report, as well as senior-level connections with the remaining attending companies.

We chose to work with Raconteur because they were an established business media brand, and could give us access to a very targeted group of companies/people in the geographies we were looking for.

We were very impressed by the senior guests Raconteur was able to attract to the roundtables, and the quality of the Insights Report Raconteur created.

We managed to have follow-up conversations with all of the guests that attended the roundtable, and now have long-term strategic opportunities with two companies that attended.

We’re now launching our second campaign with Raconteur, and have plans to discuss a longer term partnership in 2024.

AMS – Senior B2B Marketing Manager

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