Addressing digital inequality with Actual Experience


The challenge

Actual Experience, a leading tech provider responsible for building ‘work from anywhere’ eco-systems, wanted to increase its brand awareness in its key markets. They were keen to be associated with credible content and build a targeted lead generation campaign.

What we did

Raconteur’s in-house branded content team worked with actual experience to produce a bespoke piece of thought-leadership content. This piece was then published online on and also in print, as part of Raconteur’s Employee Experience Special Report in The Times. The key aim of the piece was to generate brand awareness and credibility. The digital version of the article was also used for lead generation with a target audience. All MQL’s were verified against the target audience criteria before being handed over to the client.

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We chose Raconteur due to its ability to reach our desired audience – C-suite and executive-level business decision-makers. For our MQL’s we were after a level of seniority that many other publications simply wouldn’t be able to target, certainly not to the same extent as Raconteur.

The service from the Raconteur team across editorial, design and customer management was fantastic. Everyone involved in the project brought with them a superior level of understanding and skill, ensuring that the whole process ran smoothly.

The results were also great. The article met all our expectations and our client – Actual Experience – was delighted with the end product, as well as the quality of job titles and company names in the lead handover.
We would absolutely recommend working with Raconteur and we would do so again in the future. In fact, we already have another project in the planning stages.

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