We’re a B Corp!

At Raconteur, we strive to create a positive impact through our work and operations. That’s why we’re excited to announce we are now a B Corporation. There are only 1,400 B-Corp certified businesses in the UK – and just three media organisations, including The Guardian. This certification signifies our commitment to becoming a more purposeful organisation.

To achieve B Corp status, Raconteur had to meet rigorous social, governance and environmental standards. The certification involves external assessment across criteria including governance and transparency; community, environmental and customer impact; and worker standards. To become a B Corp, companies must reach a minimum score across all these criteria and embed a commitment to purpose beyond profit across their organisation.

As a B Corp, we are demonstrating our dedication to do more than just talk about purposeful business; we are acting to improve in areas from working practices to environmental governance and how we work with suppliers. And as one of the few businesses to achieve this accreditation in the media industry, we are hopefully showcasing a more sustainable future for the sector.

As a B Corp, we will also focus even more of our journalism on impactful business issues, look to amplify our positive influence and aim to drive meaningful change within our industry and beyond.

As for our clients, we want to emphasise the multiple benefits this certification brings to you and your partnership with us. By obtaining B Corp certification, we are committed to ensuring that every aspect of our business aligns with the highest standards of ethical practices.

Being recognised as a B Corp not only reflects our shared values but also guarantees that your association with us contributes to a greater purpose. Through our B Corp status, we will offer you enhanced value, increased transparency and the opportunity to have a positive impact on your existing and potential clients. We are truly grateful for your support so far and look forward to speaking again soon!

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